XPLORER Outdoor trousers woman

XPLORER Outdoor trousers woman

These comfortable and durable women’s trousers for outdoor activity are sewn with 4-way stretch fabric on knees and seat. Features include reinforced fabric in exposed areas and pre-bent knees to add even more comfort and mobility. The waist is adjustable to your fit with hook and loop straps and the length of the legs can be adjusted with buttons. Your mobile phone is protected by a padded pocket while you find your way through the rugged terrain. Colour: Charcoal grey/Aubergine purple.

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Product naam kortXPLORER Outdoor trousers woman
Artikel brutogewicht calc1.433 lbs
Artikel brutogewicht650 g
Artikel nettogewicht calc1.411 lbs
Artikel nettogewicht640 g
Artikel omschrijvingS 46/48
Generieke naam kortBROEK
Generieke naam langBROEK
Generieke naam accessoresBROEK | BROEK
Hoeveelheid in omverpakking1
Jas broekmaat alphaS
KleurcoderingCharcoal grey, Aubergine purple
Land van herkomstChina
Maat jas broek numeriek46/48
Un numberNot applicable
Verpakkingsbreedte calc15.354 inch
Verpakkingsbreedte390 mm
Verpakkingshoogte calc1.181 inch
Verpakkingshoogte30 mm
Verpakkingslengte calc18.11 inch
Verpakkingslengte460 mm
Verpakkingsvolume5.382 dm³
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