Measuring tape

Measuring tape

A unique construction gives this measure tape low weight and great design, which makes it easy to tighten and change the tape and spring. The tape is easily parted with one grip, completely without screws. The tape is marked on both sides and is available in two different lengths as spare part.Delivered with a release hook, and timber hook is available as an accessory.

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Product naam kortMeasuring tape
Artikel brutogewicht calc1.168 lbs
Artikel brutogewicht530 g
Artikel nettogewicht calc1.113 lbs
Artikel nettogewicht505 g
Artikel omschrijving15m with timber hook
Generieke naam kortTAPE MEASURE
Generieke naam langTAPE MEASURE
Generieke naam accessoresTAPE MEASURE | TAPE MEASURE
Generieke onderdelen en accessoires voorChainsaws
Generieketape spray markers subgroupenMeasuring tapes
Hoeveelheid in omverpakking1
Land van herkomstSweden
Un numberNot applicable
Verpakkingsbreedte calc4.409 inch
Verpakkingsbreedte112 mm
Verpakkingshoogte calc1.654 inch
Verpakkingshoogte42 mm
Verpakkingslengte calc5.945 inch
Verpakkingslengte151 mm
Verpakkingsvolume0.71 dm³
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1930 Zaventem

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