Hybride gras

Hybride gras

Husqvarna Automower® Hybrid Grass provides your robotic lawn mower with extra grip on steep slopes or in tight areas. It prevents spinning on wet surfaces and protects bare and fragile areas. It also enables continuous mowing in areas where there are gaps in the grass. Husqvarna Automower® Hybrid Grass is durable and easy to install and remove. 2×10 m makes it possible to customize and work with larger areas that might benefit of Hybrid grass. Comes with 170 green stakes for secure installation and a sewing kit to merge side by side install. Hybrid grass is part of our wide range of high-quality Automower® accessories.

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Product naam kortAutomower® Hybrid Grass
Artikel omschrijvingPROTECTION TRACK Hybrid Grass 2x10m
Model alleen integratieAM ACC
Afmeting lxbxh breedte200 cm
Afmeting lxbxh hoogte3 cm
Afmeting lxbxh lengte1000 cm
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