Automower® Connector Protection Box

Automower® Connector Protection Box

During off-season, it’s reassuring to know that your robotic lawn mower installation accessories are protected from the elements. This sealed Automower® Connector Protection Box from Husqvarna is designed to safely store connectors, wire ends and anchor screws, protecting them from moisture, rain, ice and snow. Being able to conveniently store up to 5 wires also helps keep your lawn tidy with no loose ends.

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Product naam kortConnector beschermingsdoos
Artikel omschrijvingDOOS Connector protection box
Model alleen integratieAM ACC
Afmeting lxbxh breedte10.1 cm
Afmeting lxbxh hoogte6.23 cm
Afmeting lxbxh lengte21.03 cm
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