Active Clean Spray

Active Clean Spray

Versatile cleaning spray, effective on saw chains, garden machines, air filters, and dirty boots. Ergonomically-designed bottle with a high-quality spray trigger makes it easy to apply. Features include a narrow stream nozzle for small objects like chainsaws and hedge trimmers, and a wide shower nozzle for larger items like cutting decks, Riders and garden tractors. Husqvarna Active Clean Spray contains a specially-developed detergent that is phosphate-free and biodegradable.

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Product naam kortActive Clean Spray
Artikel brutogewicht calc1.263 lbs
Artikel brutogewicht573 g
Artikel nettogewicht calc1.102 lbs
Artikel nettogewicht500 g
Artikel omschrijving500ml ActiveClean spray
Generieke naam kortWASMIDDEL
Generieke naam langWASMIDDEL
Generieke naam accessoresWASMIDDEL | WASMIDDEL
Hoeveelheid in omverpakking1
Land van herkomstSweden
Un numberNot applicable
Units per truck europa 2 4 3 0m18432 stuks
Verpakkingsbreedte calc2.205 inch
Verpakkingsbreedte56 mm
Verpakkingshoogte calc10.512 inch
Verpakkingshoogte267 mm
Verpakkingslengte calc3.937 inch
Verpakkingslengte100 mm
Verpakkingsvolume1.495 dm³
Volume van brandstof vet500ml
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